Zach Warner

Zach, aka Z, has always been infatuated with the tattoo community. Ever since he was a kid, he would accompany his father into tattoo shops all over the world. It wasn't until he attended University of Vermont where the study of certain design and symbolism started to take hold. Zach studied religious theology and studio art. By focusing on the combination of the two, he dove into the esoteric world of symbols and their meanings.

During his stay in Burlington he spent time getting tattooed by a handful of local artists, but it was until he traveled abroad to Southeast Asia that he became inspired by the ritual of tattoo and its process. The traditions of tribal tattooing, namely sak yant, became the driving force behind his interest in becoming part of the world of tattoo.

Zach has been creating art on a multitude of mediums for years now. After recently moving to Portland, the opportunity to shift and learn about tattooing finally presented itself. He is excited to start his journey with the Dark Harbor team.