Stephanie always had a love for tattoos and cosmetics and after years of wanting a new career she found a way to combine both of those passions. That's when Babe City Brows was born! With a Bachelor's Degree in Photography, she's always had a creative artistic spark and took quickly to permanent makeup. She was born and raised in Massachusetts where she perfected her training for Brows, Lashliner, Lip Blushing, Areola Repigmentation, and Faux Freckles. Her go-to style is "natural but polished" but can easily adapt to the needs of her clients. She prides herself on keeping her clients well informed and comfortable in her chair (though you'll probably have to listen to her bad puns).

When she's not in the studio she can be found tending to her plants or sipping seltzers outside.

Lash Liner


This service uses a series of small needles to gently implant pigment right along the lashline, leaving you with a more defined eye and the illusion of fuller lashes. It draws just enough attention to the eyes in the "can't put your finger on it" kind of way. There is a mandatory touch-up @ 6-10 weeks. Maintenance is needed every 2+ years. Results may vary.



For microblading, a manual tool is used to implant pigment under the skin to create "hair-like strokes" in a precise pattern that flows with your natural hair growth. Microblading is not a substitute for makeup- it will not create a "dipbrow" look. It is best for clients with normal/dry skin that have evenly distributed brow hair that want a fuller or more defined shape. There is a mandatory touch-up @ 6-10 weeks. Maintenance is needed every 1-3 years. Results may vary.

Powder Brows


Powder brows, as opposed to microblading, do not feature hair-like strokes. Instead, a tattoo machine is used to create a soft "background color" that helps fill in any gaps and define the brow. We can go as subtle or as bold as you'd like! Clients with oily, sensitive, heavily creased, delicate, or thick skin will have the best healed results with this method. There is a mandatory touch-up @ 6-10 weeks. Maintenance is needed every 2+ years. Results may vary.

Combo Brows


Combo Brows are exactly what they sound like!- a combination of microblading and powder brows. It's the best of both worlds, and more customizable than one method alone. There is a mandatory touch-up @ 6-10 weeks. Maintenance is needed every 2+ years. Results may vary.

Areola Repigmentation


This service uses a tattoo machine to help (re)create an areola/nipple. This is great for trans men who need help creating a more evenly pigmented and shaped areola. Women who have had mastectomies benefit greatly from this service as well. May require 2 sessions and maintenance after a few years.

Initial Touch-Up


A touch-up is required for every new brow, liner, and lip client. This should be booked 6-10 weeks after your initial appointment. Appointments booked after this window will result in an additional fee.

Faux Freckles


Faux freckles are a great way to get that sun kissed look year round (and without the sun damage!). We can up to a dozen freckles at a time. These can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Results may vary.

Maintenance / Colorboost


For is only for clients who have had previous work done by me and need maintenance. Typically needed anywhere from 1 - 5 years depending on the service and skin. Fully faded brows with little to no pigment left will need a new brow appointment. Please write which service you need maintenance for in your booking notes upon checkout.

    How To Prepare

    Preparing for your service:

    • Remove any piercings obstructing the area to be treated.
    • Do not exercise on the day of your service
    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, vitamin E, and ibuprofen for 24h prior.
    • Do not have electrolysis,laser hair removal,or any waxing done in the area within 1week prior in case of burning/irritation.
    • Minimize sun exposure and avoid tanning beds/booths for 2 weeks prior (we cannot work on sunburnt skin).
    • Do not have botox or fillers done within 2 weeks prior.
    • Do not use retinol or retin a products on the face within 3 weeks prior.
    • Take extra precautions 2 weeks prior to ensure there will be no broken skin or lesions in the area to be treated.
    • Do not schedule any spa-grade peels within 6 weeks prior.


    • Brow growth serums: You must be "off" prescription serums for 4 weeks prior to your service, and off over-the-counter serums for 2 weeks prior.To protect your investment, do not continue using brow growth serums until 4 weeks after your touchup.


    • Lash growth serums: You must be "off" prescription serums for 4 weeks prior to your service, and off over-the-counter serums for 2 weeks prior.To protect your investment,do not continue using lash growth serums until 4 weeks after your liner touchup.
    • Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment.
    • If you wear lash extensions,they must be removed. If you plan to have them chemically removed, please do so 3 weeks prior to your service.To protect your investment,keep extensions off until at least 3 weeks after your touchup.
    • If you are not certain that you can stay relaxed and in control of your eye movements throughout your service (no squinting, squeezing,fluttering,or opening unexpectedly), you may want to partner with your PCP to discuss an anxiety-reduction plan for the day of your service. The risks of permanent eyeliner services are magnified when clients cannot relax, and your safety is our number one priority.

    Brow Aftercare

    Brow Aftercare

    • For 5 days, wash very gently twice daily with plain Dial hand soap (or the aftercare soap given at your appointment), pat dry with a clean paper towel, and apply a very thin layer of aftercare balm. The size of one grain of rice is enough to coat both brows. During these 5 days, avoid touching/picking/itching, applying skincare or makeup within 1” of brows, saunas, sun exposure, steam, excessive sweating, tanning beds/booths. Expect your brows to appear red, swollen, defined, darker, and warmer in the first few days. They may begin peeling on days 3-6 but should not have large scabs. No picking!
    • After 5 days, keep in mind that the following will fade your brows over time; sun exposure without SPF, retinols/acids or any skincare meant to “brighten” or “resurface” skin within 1” of the brow area. Brows may fade drastically after peeling and “reappear” at any point up to the 6 week mark- be patient. If your brows are still peeking on day 5, continue using your aftercare balm until they are done.
    • 6-10 weeks later: This second visit is needed to correct anything that may have healed improperly. Your aftercare will be that same as your first session, but the appointment itself will be quicker. We can also adjust the color at this appointment if needed but reshaping is not a part of the standard touchup.
    • For your safety, DO NOT attempt to alter your own brows or follow a different aftercare routine.

    Freckle Aftercare

    Freckle Aftercare

    Beginning the night after your service until day 5, cleanse and moisturize twice daily with a mild, unscented cleanser that is approved by your artist. Note that alternate skincare products that are used within 1" of the freckles area may lead to poorly healed results. Do not wear any makeup within 1" of the area. Also avoid rubbing, picking, excessive steam, sweating, tanning beds/booths, sun, swimming, and spray tans. Very mild scabbing is normal. Your freckles may be significantly lighter after they've each peeled. As of day 6, you can resume your normal skincare/makeup routing. In the long run, the following may decrease the life of your freckles; sun exposure without SPF, retinols/acids, and any skincare products meant to "brighten" or "resurface" the skin. IPL laser treatments are not able to be done at any point after receiving freckles.

    Eyeliner Aftercare

    Eyeliner Aftercare

    • Throughout the entire healing process (day 1 until peeling is completed or day 7 if peeling does not occur) avoid: saunas, steam rooms, tanning of any kind, steam, excessive sweating, and direct streams of water. Do not apply makeup or skincare within 1” of the area, stay out of the sun, pool/ocean, or spray tan booth. It’s also critical to avoid extremely hot showers or baths to prevent pigment migration (color bleeding under the skin). You should not be exposed to ANY steam from the shower, oven, etc. Do not pick, peel, scratch, or unnecessarily touch them at all.
    • Now, here’s what you SHOULD do: On day 1, keep the area dry. Many clients like to ice the area to reduce swelling, just be sure to keep a clean towel between the skin and ice. On day 2, continue to keep the skin dry. It is normal for the swelling to continue throughout day 2, but typically starts to improve by the end of the day. On day 3 you can begin applying a very thin layer of aftercare balm with clean hands (or Q-tip) as needed. The skin should feel hydrated but not look wet. Peeling and light scabbing are normal, as is asymmetry throughout healing. The liner cannot be judged until 5 weeks, and at your touchup we will perfect it. If at any point you experience discomfort or signs of infection, contact both your artist and primary care doctor immediately. Never attempt to alter your own PMU.

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